Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Baby Girl Boho Inspired Nursery Reveal


Can you guys see the 1 foot layer of dust that had collected on this place?!?! 

Let's face it - things are always changing and I wouldn't have it any other way! 

I wanted to house the nursery pics online and share the Before/After with y'all! 

If you have any questions about where an item is from or how it came to be, visit the links below the photos, or get at me! 
I'd love to hear from you! 

Items from Target
Macrame Wall Hanging (In Store)
Gold Plated Feather (In Store)

Items From Urban Outfitters

Other Online Items:

Items Bought In Store:
Potted Plant - At Home
Gold Wire Cactus - At Home
Tassel Blanket - HomeGoods

"Recycled" Items
Headband Hooks - I believe I found these at Marshalls or HomeGoods circa 2013
Rocker - originally purchased on in 2011

Hand Made Items
Skeleton/Antique Key Mobile (handmade by yours truly)
Floral Skull Wood Wall Painting (hand painted by my little sister) 

Gifted Items

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Get Fit BEFORE January 1!

I wanted to stop in today and share the November specials and savings opportunities with you all!

Seriously, if you even THINK that getting in shape or improving your health is going to be on your list of New Years resolutions this year then I have to ask.....WHY WAIT?!?!?!

These are THREE of the THE BEST programs that we offer!
This month you can get 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme, OR Cize for only TEN DOLLARS when you try Shakeology for 30 days!

AND - they are throwing in something special! If you order the 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack you get an insulated tote bag to carry your daily meals along on the go! That was never an option before and I find myself feeling jealous!

I'd love the opportunity to mentor you through the use of these products! I can provide you with first hand knowledge, tips, tricks, and successes! I also have groups in which you can join with others who are using the products! It's the secret sauce!

If you are interested in getting some information on any of these products or joining one of my groups you can get ahold of me several different ways!

You can email me or find me on Facebook and shoot me a message!

Until then...

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Active Maternity Workout Series by Autumn Calabrese for Beachbody On Demand

Many of you have tried the 21 Day Fix or 21 Day Fix Extreme with Autumn Calabrese! But, now she has released an entire "active" maternity series for mommas who want to keep moving through out their pregnancy but just aren't sure what to do!
She has broken them down into 3 pre-natal workouts, one for each trimester; "Get Stable, Get Strong, and Get Ready" and 1 post-natal workout called "Get It Back"! All workouts are designed to guide you through the stages of pregnancy safely!
The workouts aren't being released in DVD format - but you are able to stream them using Beachbody's On Demand Library! You can access this library on any smart device or computer. Watch out though, you'll want to make sure you have unlimited data if you aren't connected to WiFi! You can also access the programs using a Roku Device, Amazon Fire TV, or Chromecast!

I'll do you one better! Want 30 Days access to these workouts and any of the other Beachbody workouts that are in the On Demand Library? Just click the link here and fill out the info to get signed up!

Have any questions about the sign up process or the workouts? Please feel free and message me on FB or shoot me an email! :) 

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Free Printable Fitness Tracker

Let's face it! Sometimes, seeing things right there in black and white is the best way to keep us moving forward. Right?! Only me? Nah!

I created this super simple, super adaptable tracker that you guys can have for F-R-E-E!

It's designed so that you can start using it on any day of the week and any month of the year! And, once you scoop up the download, it's yours to print over and over until your heart is content!
Track with a simple check mark whether you did cardio or strength, stuck to your intended diet, and hit your water intake target!
I'd love to see how y'all are using your trackers! Snap a pic and hashtag it! #jdubstracker

Until Then...

I'm also sharing this post and printable with the awesome folks over at:

Christmas in October: Brand New Beachbody Product Release Info.

Because these announcements are SO exciting - I'm going to just cut to the chase and give you the info! 
Love Shakeology? Love Coffee? Why not mix the two? 
Beachbody will be launching it's newest flavor, Caffe' Latte in early 2016! This new flavor is made with whole coffee fruit, which is indigenous to India and Mexico, it's the fruit that coffee beans come from. By sourcing whole coffee fruit for Shakeology, which is often discarded, we are minimizing our carbon footprint and increasing sustainable farming. Keep an eye out for it! 

The next comprehensive body sculpting program to be released will be none other than:
The Masters Hammer and Chisel! It's a 60-day total-body transformation program that helps you craft a defined, jaw-dropping physique using breakthrough resistance training. You will sculpt your body into a masterpiece with 14 brand-new workouts from celebrity trainers and winning fitness competitors, Sagi Kalev and Autumn Calabrese. You'll focus on building muscle, power, and strength with The Master's Hammer™ workouts and trainer Sagi Kalev, while you shed fat and sculpt definition with The Master's Chisel™ workouts and trainer Autumn Calabrese. Plus, it includes a dedicated modifier who demonstrates moves at a lower intensity and adapts exercises for those with limited access to equipment.
I've seen the results of this program and I'm not over exaggerating one bit when I say that I cannot wait until I can get my hands on this program in December!! 

Also announced is a brand spanking new program from none other than Mr. Tony Horton himself! Coming Spring 2016, 22 Minute Hard Corps! Legendary celebrity trainer Tony Horton created this easy to follow program inspired by techniques used in the military. It's a no-nonsense, butt-kicking, 22-minute, total body workout designed to get you "boot camp fit" in just 8 weeks. This program is going to be phenomenal for all of you who love boot camp at your gym, are in a crunch for time, or are ex-service men and women who loved PT style workouts! 

These new products were just too good to keep to myself! 
If you want more info on any of them OR would like me to notify you when they are being released you can contact me in a couple different places and I will be sure and get ahold of you ASAP! 
Also, if you are looking to make some health and fitness changes in your routine and are looking for support I'm your gal! 
Feel free and email me at
Find me on Facebook! Jess Walker, Healthy Living Family Style
or, sign up to get all my informational updates sent to your email monthly

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Quick and Simple, Last Minute, Green Snack for St. Patrick's Day

Woop! It's the day before the infamous "green" school holiday and mommy needs a snack idea!!!

Time to call in the Pinterest troops!

Although there were TONS of cute ideas to choose from - I knew that there would already be lots of green cakes, cookies, and treats being brought to my little man's class party tomorrow and quite frankly, I didn't feel like baking!


So, here is what I threw together in less than a couple of hours!

First, head to your local grocer and find some yummy green apple sauce! I sprung for the organic, no sugar added, and no extra ingredient brand - because well, that's just how I like to roll! I used Plum Organic Kids Mash Ups Applesauce in plain apple flavor. I mean, the bag was green and all!!! I could have used other brands or even applesauce cups but I didn't want to hassle with providing spoons and napkins too!

I have snagged a link to a quick $1.00 off coupon too!

Next, I took to Pinterest to find a cute little freebie printable that I could attach and make the packet just a bit more festive! Luckily for me, I found the perfect little applesauce related one on The Smashed Peas and Carrots Blog!

Maggie taped her FREE printable labels to the tops of round applesauce cups and it looked super cute!

But, because I went with pouches, I simply trimmed the circles, punched a hole, and strung the tag on with a cute piece of twine!

One and DONE!

Now that I'm feeling all accomplished for this evening I think I'll call it a night! ;)

Until Then....

Sunday, March 15, 2015

How to Fit It In: 6 Secrets to Scheduling Your Workouts, as told by Tony Horton

Finding the time to fit in a workout can be one of the biggest struggles we, as busy adults, face. Something is always coming up! Life just happens!
We have the best of intentions, we are gonna wake up that next day and get that darn workout in! BUT, we fail to make a plan!
Wanna beat that? Wanna get ahead of those feelings?

Check out these 5 quick tips as told by Tony Horton to ensure success when getting in your daily dose of activity!

Gotta love his no nonsense approach!

1. Figure out What Time of Day You'll Get Active!
It may the exact time for you every day! It may different every day. Either way it doesn't matter as long as you figure out what time that is!

2. Write It Down!!!
Take it old school! Pen and paper! Then, hang it up somewhere that it become inevitable to miss!!! Your refrigerator, your bathroom mirror, your closet door, the back of the front door! Do what works! If you hang it inside a cabinet that you may not even open once a day....just not gonna get the job done there! :)

3. Get Yourself an Accountability Partner!
You have got to find someone who wants to make the changes just as bad as you do! It won't work if you ask a friend who is going to commiserate over how much they don't want to do the workouts either or help excuse you when they are missed! Use a family member, a close friend, someone in your neighborhood - and even better, if you have no one near by - there are TONS of people online! They are just waiting to find a buddy to check in with! Need one? Ask me I can set you up!

4. Mark That Calendar!
Get a bold marker - buy some fun stickers! Each day that you finish your workout - scratch that baby off!!! Tony says - "out of 30 days in a month, MINIMALLY you should shoot for 22 days of successful activity in order to create that shift in habit".

5. DO NOT Beat Yourself Up if You are Injured or Sick!
If you are injured, you can modify workouts or focus on parts of the body that are  not injured. If you are sick REST! Your body has it's own way of letting you know when it needs a break...listen to that! When that has passed - GET BACK IN THE GAME! Don't focus on the loss of momentum, focus on how easy you can switch back into beast mode!

6. Plan Active Recovery Days Off!
You DO have to take rest days! You do not want to over train or promote injury! But, should you use that "rest" day to sit on the couch, eat whatever, and aid in the creating the wrong mindset? No way! Get outside, get active and find FUN ways to stay moving - lightly! Go for a walk with the kiddos, take a new yoga class, or just have a dance party in your living room!

Prefer to hear it straight from Tony?!? Here is his quick 4 min video!

Until Then....

Friday, March 13, 2015

My Experience with ThredUp and Why I'd Use It Again

Spring cleaning is upon us y'all!!! 

One of the first things I manage to tackle right away, out of necessity, usually happens to be the closets! You just gotta purge the bulky sweaters and long pants and swap them for short sleeves and Capri's! 
Often, I find that I also need to get rid of a few things - things that are no longer in style or no longer fit well. Possibly damaged or just plain "what was I thinking?!?" 
But then, the questions arises - "Well, what do I do with all of these things?" 
Some of the answers are no brainers - donate, garage sale, etc. 
But then I come to a pair of Banana Republic jeans, barely worn or an Ann Taylor Loft Jacket with tags on it, and I think - a quarter at a garage sale for this?!?! That just doesn't seem fun! 

Enter my newest answer!!!! 


Have you heard of this?!? 

"ThredUP is a fashion resale website for consumers to buy and sell secondhand clothing online. ThredUp is part of a larger Collaborative Consumption movement, which encourages consumers to live in a more collective, sharing economy"  -Wikipedia

Simply put, it works like this:

When I ordered my clean out bag there was a promo going on in which I was able to receive my first clean out bag for free. (At the time of writing this post, the bag deposit fees are still currently being waived.) Within a week, the polka-dotted bag showed up in my mail box, amply sized and waiting to be filled with gently used clothing! 

It was HUGE! I stuffed it to the brim! I have been on a health and wellness weight loss journey for over a year now and I had quite a bit to donate! Many things still had tags on them and many were barely worn! I also had items that didn't qualify for consignment. But, you may be wondering how do you know which items qualify and which do not? ThredUp has a super handy Clothing Calculator! All you have to do is read the tag, enter the brand name and the type of clothing item it is (cardigan, shorts, capris, jeans, etc) and then the calculator will give you an estimated pay out OR let you know that the particular brand will not be accepted. This way you aren't wasting time sending in clothing that won't be accepted. Those items I took straight to my local donation bin! 
**For a full list of items that will or will not be accepted you can visit this quick reference page: What Items Does ThredUp Accept?

After filling my bag up I sealed it up and slapped the pre-paid, pre-addressed return label on it and took it on down to my local post office! I could have given it to my mail carrier but I wanted a receipt because, seriously, this bag was huge! The mother load! 

This is where the waiting game began! I was so excited to see how much would be accepted and if the process had been worth my time and effort. I sent the bag off around the 1st of January and received notification from ThredUp that my bag had arrived on January 14, 2015. It said within the initial email that ThredUp is growing quickly and that because they are very detailed when reviewing and evaluating items for receipt, the process would be complete by February 13, 2015. Although I would have liked to have heard the good news of the dough rolling in faster - I also appreciated the care they took in order to accept the maximum amount of clothing that I sent! I'd hate for them to breeze through things and it effect my final pay out. 

Sure enough, February 13th rolled around and as promised I had an estimated payout amount delivered to my gmail inbox! 
I was very pleased! They accepted 35 items total and gave me an upfront payout of $65.50! 
WAY more than I would have earned selling items for a few cents at garage sale! 

Now, what in the world do they do with the clothing they do not accept? 
You have two options:
1. You can pay a fee upfront, of $12.99, and participate in their Return Assurance Opt In Program. In which they will return any items that are not accepted by ThredUp.
2. You can let them donate all items left over! Which, I did! 

Finally, what are your options for getting paid?!?! 
1. You can immediately use the funds you earn in order to shop the gently used selection of clothing and styles on ThredUp.
2. You can donate your earnings to their Cause Partner - Feeding America - through a simple process on the site.
3. You can wait a 14 day grace period then have your earnings transferred to a PayPal account, which can then be used to make purchases online with any retailers using PayPal OR transferred out to your personal bank account! 

Overall, would I do this again? In a HEART BEAT! It was extremely simple and extremely organized! 
I have taken my clothing to second hand store fronts before and I have NEVER made the amount of money I was able to accrue with ThredUp, along with the quality service that was given! 

Until Then...

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Quick and Easy Food Tracking Tools

When it comes to making changes to your diet* (meaning what and how you eat, not restriction) I have philosophy!
"You have to know where you have been, in order to know where you are going!"
I remember when my husband and I sat down and worked through Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover together. We came to the part of the book where we had to record where and what we were spending our paychecks on each month. My jaw was on the floor when the reality of our spending habits were in black and white! The same can also be true for what you eat and drink every day. I mean, I know I don't often sit down and take stock of every morsel that has entered my mouth. But then, I wonder, gee I've been packing on a few extra pounds lately - I wonder why!
Enter - food journaling!
If you want to pin point the areas that need improvement you should start with keeping track of your current habits.
Yep, you read that right! The first thing you should do is NOT change a single thing about your diet!
In fact, you should just eat as you always do!
First, you'll want to find a tracker or a journal that works best with your style and that you will be sure to keep up with! I'm going to share a few of my favorite with you here!

Digital Options:
My Fitness Pal
While there are lots of options out there I have used and like My Fitness Pal!
I like this option because not only do they have a full website that you can access from your desktop computer but a handy app as well! There is a barcode scanner and a recipe creator so that you can accurately track and calculate full nutritional info! Because MFP is so widely used there is also a huge database full of items from restaurant menus!
Check out this great article by Feel Great in 8!
8 Tips For Making the Most Out of My Fitness Pal

Fit Bit
If you have and use a Fit Bit and it's accompanying app they have also added a food log component! It also has a barcode scanner and a custom entry feature for quickly adding items!

You can also check out this FAB post by Bustle for more app ideas that will help you when making food choices!
8 Healthy Eating Apps to Download Now

Pen and Paper Style:
Here are a few cute printable options!

Weekly Food Journal by A Sunshiny Day

Once you have picked your favorite method of tracking get ready to record! Remember to write down everything you eat OR drink! 
The few Doritos you snagged from your little one's plate and that energy drink you guzzled count too!!! Those things especially count because they can often be the culprits sabotaging an otherwise healthy diet! EVEN if the nutrition label reads zero - mark it down! 

Then, get ready to come back and find out what to do after you have been tracking and how to interpret that information!! 

Until Then....

Monday, February 23, 2015

Free Printable Workout Calendar

With March right around the corner I have visions of warmer weather and less layers in my head! I workout pretty consistently year round but am getting ready to kick things in to high gear in preparation for sleeveless tops and short shorts! I thought I'd share my workout calendar with you all as well!
Leave me a comment and let me know what types of things you'd like to see on next months calendar!

Until Then.....

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